Nasal Specific Treatment

What is Nasal Specific?

Accidents and injuries to the face and head can cause the bones of the skull to shift slightly out of place, increasing the pressure in our skull and affecting the way our brain and nervous system function. The Nasal Specific is a technique designed to adjust the bones of the skull – specifically the Sphenoid bone. The Sphenoid is often called the keystone of the skull because it touches every other bone in the skull. When it is out of place, it can affect every bone in your skull and numerous systems in your body.

People who have had broken noses, been hit in the head or the face, been in severe auto accidents, or even been dropped on their head as a baby can all be helped by the Nasal Specific procedure.

Following are some of the symptoms that can arise from misaligned cranial bones:

Sinus congestion Brain fog 
HeadachesTMJ/jaw pain
Chronic fatigue Snoring
Vision loss Breathing Problems
Hearing loss And many more

The Procedure

A small balloon is inserted into one of your six nasal passages and is gently inflated, opening that passageway. The balloon will then drop into the back of your throat, will be quickly deflated and removed. We will then repeat the procedure through the other five passages until we have opened all of them. This is not the most pleasant of experiences, but the results can be life changing for patients!
What can you expect after?
Over the next 24-hours, you will likely notice things shifting and changing in your skull and nose. You may experience some slight tenderness on the sides of your nose, and some lightheadedness as more oxygen flows through to your brain. Many patients notice immediate improvement in their ability to breathe. Occasionally patients experience tenderness in their upper front teeth as the hard palate shifts, or notice a post-nasal drip with a slight sore throat as the nasal passages drain.

Do I have to do it again?
Many people need a series of nasal specific procedures to stabilize the sphenoid. The typical recommendation is once per week for 4 weeks, then once per month for 12 months. However, every patient is different, and care plans will vary based on your history, the longevity of the problem, the severity of the misalignment, your overall health, and other factors.

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