Performance Care for Athletes:

Pee-wee to Pro – we’ll help you keep your edge, and stay at the top of your game – for life!

When I first meet with an athlete, most have had some form of Chiropractic care or spinal manipulations. Their experience is usually good with that type of care, and yet they still seek answers – often after an injury they feel they can never be as good as before… I am here to change that answer!

BOTTOM LINE: Athletes have the drive to win – if your body isn’t pushing you to the finish line, your opponent will find the window to overtake you. Get your body right – get NUCCA.
Athletes love Upper Cervical chiropractic care because their response time is quicker, and they can play faster and harder than they ever thought possible.
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Why is NUCCA so effective for Athletes?
The spring system that makes up our spine is an amazing design. It allows us to absorb forces from all over. This spring also reminds us that everything is connected. If I sprain my ankle, my entire body will absorb the impact. This may cause issues all the way up my body and through the entire spine.

If this causes a misalignment at the Atlas bone (the top of your spine) – just below the level of the brainstem – it can affect the overall function of the body, creating slower nerve signals, causing the appearance of weakness, pain, or dysfunction anywhere in the body (or all over) – and prevent us from healing fully until the misalignment is corrected.

Through compensation patterns, an Atlas misalignment causes one hip to hike up and one leg will appear short. Which creates increased tension in the low back, making the body more prone to tripping, twisting an ankle, or general clumsiness. Adjustments or manipulations to the low back and pelvis areas will only be a temporary fix.

When the Atlas is restored to its proper position, the low back and pelvis will untwist, taking the pressure off the whole spine, and restoring proper communication in the nervous system. The results of this are two-fold: Better alignment of the spine takes the pressure off and relieves symptoms of injury, better communication between the brain and body means optimal healing and increased performance of the body.

For the serious athlete, this can be the difference in winning the title or falling short by a point. This can mean scoring that three to win the game or being off by an inch. This may give you that split-second advantage against your opponent and put you in the lead… Or just keep you there!

Do you think you might have an Atlas misalignment?

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